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Soul Guardians Patch Notes: 12/22/2014

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Post Mon Dec 22, 2014 2:19 am
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ZQGame Admin

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Hello Guardians!

Before Santa comes to town we're making sure we deck the halls! We will undergo maintenance from 1:30AM December 22nd until 4:30AM.

When Midgard returns look forward to these exciting new features:
+Holiday decorations have come to the town of Fresia.
+Special new event dungeons are now open to all:
◦ Snow Territory (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced) Receive special rewards and Snow Crystals
◦ Winter Exploration - Buy a key from Amy to enter and hunt for chests
◦ The Clutch of Ice - Time limited dungeon. Rewards and difficulty increase w/each completion.
+Exchange Snow Crystals with Amy for limited time event rewards:
◦ Arctic Speed Runestone
◦ Miss Santa - Triple Gift card
◦ Rainbow Evolution Stone
◦ Rainbow Rune
◦ Title: The Guardian of Winter
◦ 15 Day Pet: Reindeer (+2% ATK)
◦ Permanent Pet: Reindeer (+5% ATK)
◦ Total Booster Pack
◦ Platinum Booster Pack
◦ The Key of Ice (opens Winter Exploration Dungeon)
+New button art and Shop UI
+Minor bugfixes

During this time, Soul Guardians and all accounts WILL NOT be available until maintenance is over.

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