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Wood floor maintenance is actually very simple

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Daily cleaning of the wooden floor can be wiped with a cotton swab wrung.
If you encounter blood stains,Outdoor Composite Wall Panel Wholesale
fruit juice, red wine and other stains, you can use a cloth dipped in the right amount of floor cleaner to wipe; if it is wax and chewing gum, you can use the ice on the top for a while, make it shrink, and then gently scraping Start with a damp cloth moistened with an appropriate amount of floor cleaner.
However, the need to remind consumers that attention should be paid to use a neutral cleaning solvent wipe, can not use acid, alkaline solvents or gasoline and other organic solvent scrub,ecological water resistant decking supplier
and usually well-maintained, waxing and maintenance can be done once a year, no need frequent Waxed.
Now buy the floor at every turn to pick the color, like buying clothes at every turn to pick the color or style. In fact, choose the essence of the floor is not pick the color,corner of wood plastic stair
we must see whether it is practical. In fact, some of the characteristics of the floor, including color, scarring, wet swelling encountered encountered dry shrinkage and other issues, seems to be shortcomings, but from a scientific point of view, it is precisely the advantages of solid wood flooring. The reason is very simple, such as solid wood flooring, wet it on a wet air,alternatives to timber decking
a wet expansion, dry winter room, the floor can be completely released moisture to humidify the air.
Laminate flooring just surfaced, the thickness of only 6 mm. In the following years, the 8mm floor has always dominated the market. In recent years, flooring thickness has been increasing, and now 12 mm floor into the mainstream, the market has emerged 13 mm, 15 mm thick floor. This trend has led many consumers to the illusion that the thicker the floor the more weight, the stronger, the more durable and the better quality. In fact, the thickness has nothing to do, the surface can not be worn once worn. Therefore, the quality of the floor finish,waterproof board for outdoors
largely related to the service life of wood flooring, rather than the thickness of the board. Therefore, consumers in the purchase of laminate flooring, depends on the manufacturer's timber and how the level of technology.

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