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Post Wed Sep 13, 2017 11:20 pm
quangongzi Godlike Poster
Godlike Poster

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<p>wood flooring directly on the ground pavement, do not need to lay keel. 3, pavement between the floor and the wall does not need to stay in the expansion joints, in the installation of pressure, before the base line, in the two floor joints and the end of the installation of steel card, and carefully board joints. 4, the installation of the floor, just tongue and mouth to form a close bite, insert each other, do not need any waterproof plastic fixed. 5, the installation process, to </p>
<p>calculate the floor size, staggered pavement, it is best not to stain the floor. When the door lay, the door under the floor size to be just right. Laying the process of the same time to correct, remember that can not be forced to beat. 6, when the floor to lay out the laying of the floor, in order to force evenly, nice, increase the affordability. So sometimes need to cut off some of the floor, the rest of the laying of the next column used, it will not cause waste. On the </p>
<p>installation of microcrystalline stone flooring, Xiaobian introduced today, and hope that we can help. For more knowledge of building materials, welcome to continue to focus on every home decoration network.In the home decoration, there are many floor decoration materials, microcrystalline stone wood flooring is one of them. Microcrystalline stone wood flooring has a lot of excellent features, then compared to other materials, microcrystalline stone wood floor </p>
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