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Rezilia New Poster
New Poster

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I'm confused. I applied but haven't gotten PM. Are you still shifting through the apps?

Shadow45 New Poster
New Poster

Posts: 8
When did I first start Brave BragadeLate December around Christmas.
IGN: Shadow45
Facebook name: Matthew Frizzell
Current game level: 29 Adelia and 16 Figaro
One thing I like about this game: It is one very good stratagy game and it is very fun to play.
Main device I play on: Galaxy S3
What is my one goal in Brave Bragade: I wanted to play a fun game and i thought it was a good game to play. Also it justice to play these kinds of games becuase you need to think about how your units can be used strategically.

Chrysalis User avatar
New Poster
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Here is my application again, to make sure its in every place you admins might check. 3rd times a charm?
1. July/August 2014
2. Chrysalis
3. Jennifer Bynum
4. Max, 80, 1 or if you mean my out of game level, 8.
5. I love the sense of accomplishment in maxing a merc and evolving.
6. Droid mini
7. Goal is to assemble max female humanoid team.

Love & Life

andreas1192 New Poster
New Poster

Posts: 2
When did you first start playing Brave Brigade: 14/12/2014
2. Hero Name (IGN): Andreas1192
3. Facebook Name (must be real): Andreas Permana
4. Current Game Level: 34
5. One thing you love about Brave Brigade: Evolution and collecting soul
6. Main Device you play on: Polaroid PROF700PR002.133
7. What is your one goal in Brave Brigade: Max Level and Fill the merc album

JonX21 New Poster
New Poster

Posts: 1
1. I started playing one month ago.
2. IGN JonX21
3. FB name Jonathan Chavez
4, lev 23
5, I love the feel and look of the battles. It reminds me a lot of my favorite Childhood games
6. I play on my phone, Nexus 5
7. My goal is to have a lot of strong and rare heroes

WakeAndBake New Poster
New Poster

Posts: 12
1. Feb 2015
2. WakeAndBake
3. Nick Akey
4. Lori 99 Yas 99 Furian 77 Adelia 77 Stuart 78 Famirae 85 Figaro 77
5. I love that this game is similar to Final Fantasy Tactics. Even the characters resemble each other and aren't cartoonish like other games of this type.
6. Samsung Galaxy S4 Samsung Galaxy Tab2
7. Collect and max every named merc. Reach #1 in the arena. Help new players to succeed and enjoy the game.

I submitted in the application section last week but never heard a response so decided to post on here as well.
Thanks for the consideration.

addseo1115 New Poster
New Poster

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Great posts. I like your forum, It's so clean and easy to use. Thanks.

WakeAndBake New Poster
New Poster

Posts: 12
Is VIP no longer accepting applications? If so then this thread should be removed. If you are still accepting applications when could we expect to hear a response?


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