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Post Fri Sep 22, 2017 4:30 am
Qizhenbi Master Poster
Master Poster

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Particieboard ability gain is conspicuous, still put farther promotion space. Gain of benefit city plant takes net profit 45.2 million yuan 40% ; Gross profit of 16 years of corrosion-resistant handrailing wood particieboard after ability changes is led 24.71% compared to the same period + 9.96 percent, partial month is amounted to 30% .

Benefit city plant matchs a Suofeiya and it is latter supplier of the biggest monomer, the enlarge of custom-built household market allows benefit from benefit from, do it yourself bench seat particieboard gain ability still has promotion space (offer 16 years already rose in price at least 2 times) , and use German patent technology every timber is used up decrease,

hopeful of prospective recycle plastic lumber Mauritius gain ability continues to promote. Additional, rate of traditional beaverboard gross profit also increases 2.33 percent to 18.96% , company man-made board 800 thousand cubic metre increases integral produce and sale together 5.9% . outside wpc deck

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