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Post Tue Nov 07, 2017 7:18 pm
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Performance Description Edit
1 wind pressure performance: closed outside doors and windows in the wind pressure, without damage and dysfunction ability.
2 watertightness: the closed outside doors and windows in the wind and rain at the same time, to prevent rainwater leakage capacity.
3 Airtightness: The ability of the closed china window pvc profile high quality low price
exterior doors and windows to prevent air infiltration.
4 unit length of air infiltration length: Outside the doors and windows in the standard state,
the amount of air per unit length of sewing through the unit, in units of m3 / m · h.
5 Thermal Insulation: The ability of a door or window to transmit heat from the high temperature side to the low temperature side in
the presence of air temperature differences on both sides of the door or window.
Door or window insulation performance with its heat transfer coefficient or heat transfer resistance.
6 Heat Transfer Coefficient K0:professional manufacturer upvc profile
The air temperature difference between the doors
or windows is 1K (absolute temperature) under steady heat transfer conditions, and the heat transfer per unit area in W / m2 · K.

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