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Grodo, Hasgroth and Evanston Server Merger!

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Greetings, Summoners.

BIG NEWS and preview of big things happening on August 25th!
Evanston, Grodo, and Hasgroth servers will be merging to create one MEGA SERVER!

Once the server merger is complete, players will login through Evanston, Grodo or Hasgroth (original server) as usual, but this time, will also be greeted by players from the other two servers!

Maintenance Times:
► All servers will be down from 8/25 10pm EST - 8/26 7 AM EST.
► Fate leaderboards will be turned off for the week of 8/22-8/29.

Affected Changes:
✔ Arena ranks will be shuffled randomly.
✔ Leaderboard will be reset.
✔ All mines will be cleared.
✔ Event tower progress will be reset.
✔ All live events will be cleared.

✔All unclaimed rewards will be lost if they are not claimed before the servers are brought down for maintenance.
✔ System will automatically add letters behind the name of players with the same Character ID. Rename cards will be sent out to: Evanston, Grodo, and Hasgroth within 2 business days after the merge.

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