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Drop list & Item Stats [25-10-2012]

Post Last Edit by Narsha at 25-10-2012 11:14

Hello SLO players,
This drop list contains all the drops from the Gate of Ages, Cave and Lucky Turning items.

* Items from chapter 1.1 to chapter 5.5
* Items from elite chapters from e1 to e5
* "Premium" items from Caves and Lucky Turning packages
* Unique items from the Crypt fights
* The new items from Distant Legend chapter, Tower of Soul, from F1 to F10
* All the listed items are displayed with their bonus for each upgrade and their set (if not bugged)
* Drop rates are removed. Do not ask for them again.
* The list do not contains random or static drops from quests and sanctuary or old drops that are now moved/removed
* Stone of Pure Spirit drop rates for F1 - F10 fights in ToS

Update 25-10-2012:
* Updated items in Tower of Soul chapter with Grieve pieces (Sorry for the long delay!)

Link: [Shrinked and cloacked link -- It won't change in the future]

Please not that there are several options to change the displayed list order or to search for a specific item/battle/level range or set.


Clicki on a floor to check drops and stones rates (30-100%)

The excel sheet will always be updated before the wikia, just because it's easier and faster.

Please, do not repost this list on any other document / file / forum without my permission. Thanks.
Seeya, Errant from Eloir (with the great help of Earra).
congratulations for good work!

we can use a filter to see complete suit/set.
We can disagree in agreeable manner.
Thank you for posting this.
Post Last Edit by Zeusolympus at 2-4-2012 06:53

Looks good. Happy to see so many people contributing.
If you have any suggestion to improve this list, or any request about it... just tell me and I'll try to do what you ask. Actually im doing a new "sets list" to add to this one with bonus stats locations of them.
thank you very much, and to the likes of you.

may your tribe increased!
I am a Knight, and proud of it.
--Knight Alliance, Saros
I am looking out for sturdy elemental hat ?
Can you please tell me from which set is that item from? Or it's level; maybe I forgot to add it.
Where is the Neverending set??
as I said on my post, this is the list of all AVIABLE items.

The only item from the Neverending set aviable is Purified Deal of Demons at the moment; they'll sure complete the set during the next maintenances
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